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Carisma SCA-1E 1/10 Scale Coyote Truck Non-Assembled Deluxe Kit


The SCA-1E Coyote KIT

The Kit version of the SCA-1E Coyote is the perfect starting point for any serious scale builder. You specify the electrics, you decide the colour and level of detail you want to incorporate into the build, and you make it look as pristine or patina as you want. Just like the RTR the kit’s designed around a robust steel ‘C’ section ladder chassis, includes a clear Coyote 50s style truck body, and all the brightwork and additional details you could ever need to add the ultimate in scale realism. The SCA-1E Kit is a blank sheet of paper, whatever story you want to write, or adventures you want to undertake, you can. You decide its fate. You choose what medium to paint with. You take it on whatever adventures you see fit. In return it will reward you with the pleasure only a self-built rig can bring. It's the perfect project rig for a long winter project, or a quick build and let it evolve over time.

A Blank Sheet of Paper

Want to just run Trails? Then build it to do so. Add a lower turn motor, leave the wheels un-weighted and the motor, main pack and transmission in their stock position and omit a winch. Add an LED light kit, even a Roof Rack with additional Spotlights and get truly Trail Ready.

To keep things running smoothly there’s a full steel UJ equipped, locked-axle transmission and brushless-ready slipper clutch protected drive-line. A fully adjustable 4-link double triangulated link geometry is used to minimise axle steer. The Steering Servo is chassis mounted and the main pock sits beside it for optimum weight bias. Our new AT-AT high grip off-road tyres are included, with new true Beadlock wheels allowing the owner to fine tune the rig’s weight bias for crawling by adding stick on wheel weights.

Want to go Scale Comping? or Leisure Crawling? then weight the wheels, flip the transmission, and motor to set the weight bias forward, add a Winch and then as much Scale Detail as you feel. We want to be the catalyst for your own Scale Adventures. And we truly believe that the construction and model making skills required to go to that extra level of detailing are an art worth encouraging.

Model Ref: 79168

Scale, Trail, Crawl. The SCA-1E Kit can be anything you want it to be…and so much more. The high grip 1.9” AT-AT off-road tyres are fitted to real Beadlock wheels allowing the owner to fine tune the rig’s weight bias for crawling by adding stick on wheel weights. For fun and trail-only use, the rig’s stock setup is just perfect. The front bumper is winch-ready and the shell designed to accommodate an LED kit to add that extra touch of scale realism and allow night runs. Scale, Trail, Crawl. The SCA-1E is capable of all, and the basis of as detailed or as simple a scale build as you want to undertake.

The whole team involved in the SCA-1E are proud to present this rig to the Global RC Market, it's gone through extensive real world testing and this is just the start of the new Carisma Scale Adventure brand. Other platforms are in the finals stages of development and will purposely blur the lines between affordable, robust, fun forms of RC, and the more traditional Scale, Trail and Crawling market. We are about to shake things up a little, and we are honoured that you're along for the ride!

Please Note: The Specification of the final kit is subject to change at any time. The Coyote body supplied is clear, the pattina body shown in these images is to fire the imagination of future owners and their own builds!


  • Weight: Approx.2200g (Fully Built)
  • Skid Clearance:75mm (adjustable)
  • Length:480mm (varies by model)
  • Width:230mm (varies by model)
  • Wheelbase:280mm (adjustable)
  • Height:210mm (adjustable)
  • Features

    • LED-Ready, Photo-realistic, Fully Detailed Scale Bodyshell
    • Chassis Mounted Steering Servo & Forward Weight Bias
    • Solid Axles & Double-Triangulated 4-Link suspension
    • New Beadlock Wheels & New High-Grip AT-AT Tyres
    • Steel C-Section Ladder Chassis & Trail Ready Layout
    • Rear Bumper with Tow Hitch & Shackles Included
    • Adjustable Wheelbase, Geometry & Weight-Bias
    • Bi-directional Motor Mount and Transmission
    • New Stiffer Multi-position Shock Towers
    • Front Winch-Ready Bumper & Shackles
    • Steel UJ’s on Transmission & Steering

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