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Scale License Plates

"I won a photo contest and got to pick out license plates, i ordered the historic license plates to put on my nomad that won the contest, these are awesome... will definitely be ordering more... highly recommend getting you some..." -Patty Combs

"I have to say we came to Vegas for a volleyball tournament and I want to check out this hobby shop, because I love crawling and these people at the shop are completely awesome. I enjoy talking to them. They're very knowledgeable and I enjoyed it very much" -Joseph De Masi

"I contacted SRDLV and asked if they could do a custom plate for me; one they didn't already have listed. I sent pics of the plate style, as well as the registration sticker I wanted on it, and the wording. They nailed it! Perfect!! This little plate is the past meets the present. This is an old style PA plate with a 69 registration sticker for the year I was born, the HP & GIMP represent my new normal after being paralyzed in 2011. Thank you Tay!!!!" -Dan McCloskey